Double glazing window repairs across the UK

Troy Group

After completing a successful job at a Travelodge for specialist hotel and leisure refurbishment contractors Troy Group, we were engaged to repair windows across sites that they work on nationwide.

We came on board with Troy on a trial basis after Tom contacted us in November 2013 asking if we could help them in repairing and updating the windows in the Ely Travelodge. The job required a very specific type of handle, and we knew straight away exactly what was required: no push button and designed for ease of use by the less able.

After successful completion of the job at Ely we were asked whether we would be interested in joining with Troy Group and repairing the windows across all the Travelodge sites that they worked on – and this would mean nationwide.

Now, three years and some 102 Travelodges and 12,000+ rooms later, we’ve replaced handles, hinges, night vents, sealed units and more, and have built a great working relationship with the Troy team, from their tradesmen through to Warren, the company owner.

Watch the video below to see us at work on the project:

Superb job highly recommended to everyone.

Jason Meddows

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